Presenting the "BlackBox Device 2000".

The first generation of "BlackBox Device 2000" will bring intelligence to your car.

Custom solutions for your business.

Chose from a variety of possible add-ons depending on your needs.

Track and manage your fleets in real time.

Our dashboard will grant you an overview of your fleets as well as custom reports.

Built for safety.

Includes auditory prevention systems as well as pre-crash recordings.

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About BlackBox Device 2000

BlackBox Device 2000 comes with a variety of addons that bring safety and intelligence to your car, while also provinding you with the required tools to adequately monitor your fleet.

Bring intelligence to your car

This is the device that lets you setup and program your intelligent car. The AutoPi dongle and the AutoPi Cloud combines to an IoT Platform which lets you add advanced features to your car and gives you a lot of extension possibilities.

Based on Raspberry Pi3

Raspberry Pi enables "BlackBox Device 2000" to a wide array of applications.

GPS Module

This sensor reads the position of the vehicle (latitude and longitude) as well as recording the speed, altitude and heading of the car.

Lidar Lite V3

This sensor will measure the distance to the nearest object in front of the vehicle. Based on this the speed of approach can be calculated.

Gyroscope and accelerometer

Data collected from this sensor will be used to determine the inclination of the vehicle as well as for determining an acceleration matrix for 3 axes.

CAN Controller

This sensor will be used to collect data on engine revving, level of acceleration, car's speed or if the brake was pressed.

Driver profiles

Each driver will have all of his driving patterns stored in a way that’s easy to access and interpret.

Custom interface

Each client has access to his own custom interface where he has the option to add/remove drivers, register cars with devices, etc.

Live fleet tracking

You can track your entire fleet in real time. Seeing the driver’s routes and their behaviour.

Customized reports

Choose from several reports that will indicate whether the driver has a risky driving behaviour.

Manage with ease

Tracking individual drivers or entire fleets and assessing them has never been so easy.

Why choose our product?

Lower fuel consumption

Optimize the fuel consumption for your entire fleet by deciding the routes your vehicles take, when and how they travel.

Reduce maintenance costs

Reduced your maintenance costs and the risk of accidents by notifying drivers with abnormal driving patterns.

Lower insurance costs

Lower insurance costs by presenting insurers with relevant reports on the usage of the cars and the driving behavior for each individual driver.

Improved vehicle safety

Notify the driver when his behavior is not up to par or provide audio warnings in case of immediate danger.

Easily adaptable solutions to best suit
your business needs

Domestic or international transportation of goods

Transport activities involving HGV or LGV benefit from our tracking system helping you complete the delivery in time. Track your entire fleet's fuel consumption and maintenance costs with our system's live streaming of the vehicle's status.


Optimize and choose the best routes for distribution minimizing fuel consumption, downtime and avoid traffic.

Heavy machinery

See your entire fleet in real time and monitor heavy agriculture or construction machinery by making sure the drivers respects the boundaries of their designated work areas.

Improved services

Provide better quality services by offering higher degrees of punctuality and safety. Track your payload's delivery time and the driver's competence with customized reports.

BlackBox packages

100 per month

Access to your private dashboard where you can add devices and drivers

Offering real-time GPS tracking
(location, speed, route)

Access to reports for each individual car

Basic support

384 per month

(includes everything in basic plus)

Lidar integration - determining the distance to the nearest vehicle, notifying the driver

Access to an increased number of reports

Information on engine revving, car's inclination

Video recording in the eventuality of an accident

Premium support

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